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The Benefits of Self Catering Holidays

Thomson Lakes

The Benefits of Self Catering Holidays

If you are planning a holiday, whether in England or somewhere else in the world, one of the first questions you are going to need to ask yourself is to whether to go self catering or whether you should opt for a full board hotel. Whilst the latter option may seem like the best as you have everything included e.g. your meals, drinks and tours, it certainly is not the best if you are planning a holiday on a budget or if you wish to enjoy a bit of freedom. Let me explain why you should opt for self catering holidays most of the time.

Firstly, let's start with the food. If you opt for a full board holiday you will have most of, if not all of your food included in your package price. In some cases this may extend to drinks as well. For most people this is fine as it means all of their meals are sorted before they arrive at their destination. However, often you are given a very limited menu which will become boring after a while. Since you can only eat in one place you are also limited to just eating at the hotel. Now, if you go away surely you want to explore the culture of the area and sample a few of the different meals out and about? What if you dislike the food? You will have paid a substantial amount of money upfront for something that you aren't going to be using. This is why you should choose self catering holidays, you get a lot of freedom to eat what you want and when you want.

Self Catering Holidays

In addition to this, many of the package holidays have a number of different tours included in the price you pay. There will be no way to opt out of these. Once again, a bit of your freedom will have been taken away as you will not be able to get up and explore the city on your own accord. One of the best parts about going away is exploring new cultures on your own. The only way you are going to be able to do this properly is by opting for a self catering holiday.

Many people use the argument that self catering holidays tend not to be as luxurious when it comes to the room that you are staying in. However, this idea now outdated. Many of the larger hotels now offer the same accommodation for those on their package deals and those on self catering holidays. Therefore you will end up with exactly the same room and even more freedom.

Finally, Package Deals are a great deal more expensive as you will not be shelling out for a lot of things up front, some of which you are never going to use. It is therefore suggested that if you are planning a holiday with a limited budget you should opt for self catering.

In summary, if you are looking to plan a holiday on a budget, whether you are going somewhere in England or somewhere else slightly further afield then the best bet for you by a long shot will be a self catering holiday.

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