More and more Brits are deciding to beat the credit crunch and the not-so-good exchange rate and holiday at home rather than making the annual pilgrimage to sunnier climes.

And why not? Travel costs are certainly a lot lower than jetting off abroad, even if only flying to the Costas rather than going long haul, air fares for a family of four seem to be climbing faster than the jumbo jet itself. This is of course down to several factors including: the government’s inexorable addition of so-called ‘green’ taxes to anything and everything that may even vaguely be related to global warming; the rocketing price of crude oil; airlines pushing prices up to avoid bankruptcy. So, taking the family car, or indeed camper van/caravan, down a few hundred miles of Britain’s congested highways and byways will cost a mere pittance in comparison.

Then there’s the accommodation. It’s well known that if you were to compare a five star hotel in England to one in say Mexico or Thailand, you’ll end up paying through the nose for it and you may not even receive the level of customer service and comfort that you expect. The star rating system for hotels is based on different criteria depending on which country the hotel is in so that four star all-inclusive that you had a fantastic time in in Barbados may not be the ideal comparison to that Ramada on the North Norfolk coast. Heck, you can get a bundle of stars just for having a trouser press in the rooms!

But you certainly don’t need to spend big on hotel accommodation as long as you keep your eyes peeled for deals and can travel off-peak if possible. Of course to save money, don’t stay in a hotel full stop. There is a dazzling array of varying accommodation types on offer throughout the UK ranging from canal boats to woodland lodges, to country cottages and to a good old fashioned camp site – with tent provided!

So, what to choose? This probably depends on a few factors such as who is going, what sort of area, for how long, and when? If you’re averse to the cold, it’s probably not the best of ideas to go camping in the Highlands of Scotland in January. If you’re planning on taking small children, then a boating holiday may not be the safest of options. For a family week or two away, what better than a holiday park, with plenty of activities to keep the kids amused, ranging from organised sports and games to some awe inspiring water parks, but with night time entertainment for the adults too, with a spot of cabaret and a beverage or two at the bar or clubhouse? Just the two of you and you fancy something a little more intimate an romantic? Go for something like a secluded forest lodge or country cottage with it’s own bubbling hot tub! A shopping trip? There are now a plethora of city centre fully serviced apartments that can be rented in most of the major UK cities. Want to see a bit more of the country? Simply pack a tent or hitch up the caravan and tour the caravan and camp sites of your favourite part of the country.

And this is where the UK is winning. There are now so many types of accommodation to choose from in so many locations around the British Isles that there is surely now something for everyone. To see for yourself what’s available, take a look at a web site such as Holiday Lodging and I think you’ll be surprised at the amount of options available to you if you decide to holiday in the UK this year, or any year come to that. Plus, if you’re not from Great Britain, come and pay us a visit soon – we think you’ll be surprised!